The Importance of the Annual Giving Campaign

Dear Parents and Supporters of the MISD Community,  

 Our beloved Children’s House began as a dream to offer a place where we could truly follow the principles of the Montessori Philosophy, and most importantly, where we could offer children from all over the world the benefits of a genuine Montessori education.

Since the founding of the school in 2003, many generations of families alongside our wonderful faculty, staff and partners at the Training Center, have left their own unique mark on our community, making MISD the special place it is today. 

As we mark our 15th year we look back at all that we have accomplished with your support and partnership. Our Arts & Sciences Academy is now in its 6th year and growing steadily as a recognized Elementary Program. We have successfully continued to offer a nurturing and warm environment that feels like family- a place where children can develop a lifelong passion for learning.

We need your generosity and continued support!  

You can make a difference right now by investing in the school’s mission. Your donation helps us to sustain the school’s growth, hold tuition increases to a minimum, provide the needed funding to support our Financial Aid program, offer our teachers a competitive salary, provide professional development, and ultimately enables us to maintain the high level of quality we have always provided. 

Please help us to reach our goal of $50,000 by donating to the MISD Annual Giving Campaign by December 15th, 2018. Every gift, regardless of size is valued and appreciated. Please join the effort and bring us to 100% participation! 

Together, we can continue building this beautiful one-of-a-kind community of children, parents, teachers and staff that we call “home”. 

With gratitude, 

Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy & Sharon Dubovoy Fastlicht

Our Education - A Gift for Life

The Montessori Institute of San Diego


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